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The following photographs were taken by Ali Schmierer when she went with Lindsay to get the cypress decking for the pavilion (third week of July, 2009)

(at the manufacturer, wood is being dried and prepared to go to other projects)

(Loading the cypress onto the trailer bed)

(Cypress is loaded up and ready to go)

(Lindsay speaks with the cypress manufacturer)

Ali Schmierer, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer

Photographs taken by Ali Schmierer during the third week in July, as the LaTech architects prepared some metal joints for the pavilion and secured the framework of the bathrooms.

(everyone working together to get the bathroom framework up)

(Lindsay sawing)

(Brandon sawing)

(a hired wielder taking care of the main steel beam)

(the Bathrooms are being constructed)

(another view of the bathrooms)

(Jaymes and Eric putting planks in place)

(Scott and David painting joints for the pavillion)

Ali Schmierer, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer

(Victoria and Brandon work on the foundation of the pavillion)

(Lindsay and Jaymes put in bolts)

(Singh checking in on the student Architects)

(Figuring out the next step)

(the Foundation is set!)

Ali Schmierer, AmeriCorps*VISTA Volunteer

June 16 Concrete 045
Originally uploaded by Bryan Park LA

As you can see in the video, the process of filling each of the sonotubes with concrete is laborious and requires a complete group effort.

The video was shot by Shelby McDuff on June 16th at the pavilion site.

June 16th, the architecture students were hard at work laying out concrete for the SonoTubes, foundataion, etc. Click on an image to view a bigger version.

David, Jaymes and Scott busy pouring and pouring. Victoria and Brandon pouring concrete into sonotubes.
Brandon working the last of the concrete. Scott and Jaymes shoveling and vibrating concrete.
Lindsay tapping the tops of the concrete filled form. Kevin Singh placing bolt in exactly the center of the forms.
Brandon working the last of the concrete. Students working on getting the last pour into the 4'x4' hole. .
Brandon cutting rebar for the 4'x4' hole.

Here are photographs taken as the architecture student volunteers were researching/gathering information about the materials they planned to use for the pavilion. Click on the thumbnail of an image to view a larger version of it.

David visits with Betty Gray about the specs for the cypress decking. June 14th -  Jaymes, David and Scott listen to Tim talk about waterless toilets at Joe Rolfes Community Day in Oak Ridge.